Bendery fortress

Historic Military Memorial Complex

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About the fortress

The Bendery fortress is one of the oldest structures in our region. Back in the 13th century, Genoese ships sailed here from the Black Sea from the Akkerman fortress along the Dniester River. Seafarers and merchants, on the high right bank of the river, build a fortress-factory in order to protect themselves and their goods, and most importantly, the existing crossing.

Museums And Exhibitions

In the citadel, in the building of an old Turkish powder magazine, a museum has been created and is operating. Also on the territory of the fortress there is an exhibition hall and much more.

carousel yard

The amusement park was opened on the day of the city of Bender on October 8, 2022 in the southern part of the Alexander Nevsky Park. The platform is open in order to increase entertainment locations.

3D tour by fortress

Panoramic virtual walk around the entire complex, from the very entrance to the farthest corners: a fortress, a park, attractions, towers, observation platforms.

legends and myths fortresses

The mysterious story of the White Lady. The story is like this. At midnight, always with a full moon, the ghost of a woman in a white robe appears in the upper part of the middle tower of the citadel.

Museum guns torture

The Museum of Medieval European Instruments of Torture was created in the northeastern (octagonal) tower of the citadel. Enjoys special popularity.

Baron Munchausen and fortress

It would seem that a well-known comical character, in fact, turned out to be an officer of the Russian army.

Scheme of the historical military memorial complex "Bendery Fortress"

Main entrance. Tsaregrad Gates


Souvenir shop.

Tourist information center.


Underground entrance to the moat


Administrative premises


Fast food store


Hotel-restaurant “Old Bastion”




Amusement park


Sports and playground


parade ground


Bust of Alexander Nevsky


Scene (Estrada)


Staircase to the city beach


City Beach


Chapel in memory of the family of Nicholas II


Imperial pavilion (gazebo)


Church of Alexander Nevsky


Administrative building




Marketplace №1


Marketplace №2


Water Tower and Water Road




Watch tower. Cash register.


Overhead tower. Lookout.


Pantheon of Russian Glory. Busts


Janissary Tower


Monument to the constitution of P. Orlyk


Prison tower. Zindan


Bust of Ivan Kotlyarevsky


Powder cellar. Historical Museum.


Armenian tower. Torture Museum


Bust of Baron Munchausen


Staircase to the middle terrace


Horse gate. Middle terrace.


Dniester (Turlui) gates

Plan-scheme of the Bendery fortress
7 days ago

В пятницу в цитадели Бендерской крепости выступит рок-группа «Диагональ». Коллектив объездил с гастролями всю республику. На очереди - Бендеры. Начнётся концерт в 19:00. Только в пятничный вечер вход в цитадель свободный.

2 weeks ago

Проделана огромная работа. Фильмы о нашем родном городе Бендеры.

2 weeks ago

Тирасполь, 18 сентября. /Новости Приднестровья/. Более 1 100 зрителей собрал вчерашний концерт государственного симфонического оркестра, прошедший в Бендерской крепости. Такая цифра была названа на сегодняшнем совещании у Президента ПМР Вадима Красносельского.

2 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

Встречаем осень музыкально! 17 сентября в 19.00 в цитадели Бендерской крепости состоится концерт Государственного симфонического оркестра ПМР, с большой программой «ОТ КЛАССИКИ ДО РОКА». Для Вас прозвучать хиты знаменитых композиторов и исполнителей рока и джаза, из советских кинофильмов и классики: Freddie Mercury, Deep Purple, В. Цой, Hans Zimmer, Glenn Miller, Карлос Гардель, Херардо Родригес, И. Штраус, Дж. Верди, Ж. Оффенбах, А. Зацепин и многие другие. СОЛИСТЫ: - Солист Молдавской национальной оперы​ Лауреат Международных конкурсов - Виктор Новицкий - Солистка Молдавской национальной оперы Лауреат Международных конкурсов - Александра Прокопович - Заслуженная артистка ПМР - Елена Селиверстова (вокал) Артисты ГСО ПМР: - Сергей Вокуловский (вокал) - Вадим Порошин (аккордеон) - За дирижерским пультом - Художественный руководитель и главный дирижер ГСО ПМР, Народный артист ПМР- Григорий Мосейко Билеты можно приобрести на сайте, в кассе Бендерской крепости и Дворца Республики. Дети до 12 лет бесплатно. Для удобства, на территории Цитадели будет работать Food COURT @dvorecrespubliki @biletpmr_com

4 weeks ago

Кинотеатр под открытым небом. 8 сентября в цитадели состоится закрытый, корпоративный просмотр. В субботу 9 сентября будет демонстрироваться фильм "Гарри Потер, дары смерти" часть 1.

4 weeks ago

Дорогие друзья! В связи с началом учебного года, с 7 сентября этого года парк аттракционов "Карусельный двор" меняет свой график работы. СР - ПЯТ 15:00 - 19:00 СУБ-ВСК 11:00 - 20.00 ПН - ВТ выходной. График работы аттракционов рассчитан до 31 октября, т.е. до конца туристического сезона. После этой даты график может быть продлен исходя из погодных условий. Подробней о ценах и услугах тут

1 month ago

In Bendery, on August 29, they celebrated the 225th anniversary of the 55th Podolsk Infantry Regiment. Every year, the celebration takes place under the auspices of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs and brings together defenders of the republic from various law enforcement agencies: law enforcement agencies, the army and the Black Sea Cossack Army. At the Military-Historical Memorial Complex, parade squads of the Tiraspol Law Institute and the Republican Cadet Corps of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PMR, army and Cossack units met the President of the PMR. The guests of honor were the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Moldova Oleg Vasnetsov and his wife. Representatives of various government bodies attended the celebration. Also taking part in the events were the Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaly Neagu and the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The bells announced the holiday dedicated to the Russian soldiers who defended their Motherland without sparing their lives in former times and who continue to keep peace on the banks of the Dniester today. The connection between times was emphasized by numerous historical touches. Cadets of the law institute, dressed in clothing modeled after the military uniform of the era of Catherine II, were carrying the banner of the 55th Podolsk Infantry Regiment and the Russian military standard. The banners and icons were held by employees of the Dniester SOBR. All of them rightfully consider themselves heirs of the military victories of many generations of soldiers and officers who more than once defended the freedom of the Fatherland: soldiers of the Russian Empire, Soviet soldiers, defenders of Transnistria and military peacekeepers. At the ancient military cemetery, near the Chapel of the Image of Jesus Christ Not Made by Hands, a prayer service was held, commemorating the Russian warriors who died and died from their wounds. At the Orthodox Cross, they remembered the battle path of the heroic infantrymen of the 55th Podolsk Regiment. They fought with the Swedes, French, Poles, Hungarians, Turks, Japanese, and participated in large-scale military campaigns of the Russian Empire, in many difficult battles and assaults. Those present laid flowers at the memorial sign. “There is an axiom: without memory there is no continuity of generations,” President of Pridnestrovie Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized to those gathered. – In Transnistria, everything is in order with both memory and conscience. There will be no bright future without history and without respect for our ancestors, for those who defended their Motherland. I don’t know where else in the post-Soviet space there are memorials of such content and essence, where else regimental holidays are celebrated. I am convinced that Pridnestrovie will have a good history, a good future.” Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Moldova Oleg Vasnetsov, addressing those present, noted: “I would like to sincerely thank the initiators of the creation of this pantheon of memory. Here, in this place, you especially feel the pain and loss of those people who laid down their lives for our lives. This was many centuries ago. And that was very recently. And our main task is not only to preserve the memory, to convey the truth to the younger generation, but also, most importantly, to educate our heirs in the best traditions that we received from our ancestors.” The event participants also bowed their heads at a composition of black granite slabs in memory of the defenders and civilians of Bendery who died in 1992. We did not ignore the Poklonny Cossack Cross located next door. As a sign of respect for those who more than once defeated enemies on the battlefields, flowers were laid at the foot of the obelisk with an eagle spreading its wings, erected on the 100th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. The parade squads of the current defenders of the Fatherland marched in a solemn march, paying tribute to the memory of the feat of Russian soldiers. The celebrations ended on the territory of the Historical Military Memorial Complex “Bendery Fortress”. In the temple of the holy noble prince Alexander Nevsky, a brave warrior and commander who laid down his life for the preservation of the Russian land during the difficult times of foreign rule, a litiya was served for the dead. More details

3 months ago

🔊We are pleased to announce the launch of the OPEN AIR cinema in the citadel of the Bendery Fortress. 🎞️In the new season #2023, for your convenience, we enlarged the screen, installed comfortable seats, and the night atmosphere, the acoustics of the fortress walls and live fire will complement the indescribable sensations. We start this Friday, July 21st. Entrance to the territory at 21:00, screenings start at 21:30 ✅ Book tickets by phone 77998375 ✅ Tickets worth 100 rubles can be purchased at the box office on the day of the session ✅ Each ticket includes unlimited wine to choose from ✅ There is a food court on the territory, where you You can buy drinks and snacks. We are waiting for everyone! See you 😉🎞️


Bendery fortress

Bendery fortress

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Bendery fortress
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