Price list

  • Payment is possible in foreign currency at the official exchange rate of the PRB at the time of payment.
  • Payment by bank transfer in foreign currency possible only if available of the relevant agreement with the State Unitary Enterprise IVMK "Bendery Fortress".
  • Excursions are conducted by professional guides in Russian, English, Romanian (on request), Italian.
  • Representatives of travel agencies pass without payment. Guided tours only complex employees.

Price list of paid services on the territory of the Bendery Fortress Historical Military Memorial Complex for 2023-24, for citizens of Pridnestrovie and CIS countries. (Appendix No. 1 to Order No. 1/95 dated April 14, 2023) from May 5, 2023

  • Entrance ticket to the territory of the "Bendery Fortress" with a visit to the Museum of the Bendery Fortress and the Museum of Medieval Instruments of Torture (entrance from the side of the Tsaregrad Gates)
    • Pupils (schoolchildren of the PMR), as well as children from 7 to 16 years old: 12 rub/person
    • Students (PMR and only during the academic year): 12 rubles/person
    • Pensioners and preferential categories of citizens (only PMR): 12 rubles/person
    • Adults (regular ticket): 25 rubles/person
  • Excursion service
    • On the territory of the Bendery fortress, a group of up to 10 people
      • 1st route (40-50 minutes) along the Upper Fortress with a visit to the museum: 125 rubles/group
      • Route 2 (70-90 minutes), covers the Upper and Lower Fortress, without entering the museum: 175 rubles/group
    • On the territory of the Bendery fortress, a group of 10 to 30 people
      • 1st route (40-50 minutes): 175 rubles/group
      • 2nd route (70-90 minutes): 235 rubles/group
  • Professional photo, video shooting (including weddings) on the territory of the Bendery fortress (1 hour): 100 rub. + entrance fees
  • Entrance to the territory of the Bendery fortress from the side of the Tsaregrad gates. Parking of cars and buses in the parking lot near the church of A. Nevsky. Entry and parking temporarily free
  • Historical costume rental for a photo (15 minutes): 20 rub.
  • Hire a hat for a photo (15 minutes): 10 rub.

Children under 7 (seven) years old are admitted free of charge. When visiting the complex for large groups of children, one accompanying person for 10 children passes free of charge. Museum workers from all over the world also pass free of charge, with the appropriate certificate, as well as employees of travel agencies with which there are valid cooperation agreements. Also, representatives of travel agencies and travel agencies accompanying excursion groups pass without payment. Children under 7 years of age, unaccompanied by adults, are not allowed on the territory. The issue with the passage of groups visiting the complex with info tours is decided by the administration individually.

Bendery fortress

Bendery fortress

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Bendery fortress
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