White, red, pink ... Today Bendery fortress was colored with new shades. The wine and grape festival brought together all who love, know and appreciate this drink. It was organized within the framework of the project “Buy what made in Pridnestrovie!” and the third day of the investment forum. According to the organizers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR, to restore the traditions of home winemaking, support local producers and promote their products on the local market.

And also - “For the soul!”, The CCI website says. There was a lot of soul at this festival ... At least, the winemakers themselves assured that this component was the most important in the process of making good wine.

“I’m participating in the competition for the first time, we brought white and red wines, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and homemade cognac.This is a hobby for me, my father made wine, then I, and now I pass it on to my son. What is the secret of good wine? It’s hard to say in a nutshell. I think that you just need to love, you should like it, and, of course, put your soul into it. Many factors affect quality, and all of them must be observed, ”Nikolai Osetianov from Pervomaisk told us.

His friends, winemakers, with whom they came to the festival, have the same approach. And, looking ahead, the jury appreciated this approach: their drinks won prizes in the competition among domestic wines.

But the couple Vdovichenko from Bender specialization is slightly different. In general, Victor and Tatyana are engaged in the cultivation of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, with more emphasis on the sale of seedlings and seedlings. The berries themselves are more likely a secondary product, as well as the liquors and wines that are made from it.

“We presented dry wine with honey, like mulled wine, it just doesn’t get warm, and also raspberry products - liquor and wine. If you know the correct proportions and the recipe, then the manufacturing process does not cause any particular difficulties, the main thing is that there should be products, from which to make, and desire. Well, to be tasty, you have to do everything honestly. If you need to put this much, then you need to put, not to be greedy. For example, let's take the mead that we represent: if it is done correctly, we get a natural product, living microflora, nucleic acids, ”they shared the secrets of production.

Together with home winemakers, guests were treated to by professionals. KVINT brought about 130 species. Most of all, buyers rated the wine Merlot semi-dry and Sauvignon. And all because his taste could be appreciated at the tasting. "Bouquet of Moldova" presented a little less - 65 species. Guests were offered young red wine and must. “Basically they take bitter tinctures, in bulk a lot of products are gone today, they still like cognac on nut, plum brandy, dry white Chardonnay. This year we have a novelty - a line of pink sparkling wines: Excelsior is brut, semisweet Bouquet of Moldova, brut Bouquet of Moldova, and we also have a turn and a hawthorn on a skate - these are bitter tinctures, ”the head said Marketing and sales department of CJSC Bouquet of Moldova Elena Lebedinskaya.

Manufacturers of equipment presented their products at the festival (Elektromash showed a wine press), as well as the RODALS-T company, which supplies ingredients for the food industry - for bakeries, confectioneries, wine and meat production. Today, on their display were the ingredients used in the wine industry, as well as all kinds of spices, which, for example, are put in the preparation of mulled wine.

But most of all, of course, there were home-based producers - about 30. For them (for the first time, by the way) they organized a competition called “Master of Wine”. In each of the 4 nominations, three winners were determined. Tasters (not knowing whose

this wine and where, and only seeing its code) evaluated the appearance of the drink, its transparency, color, as well as aroma, a bouquet of wine, taste, type, purity and checked for defects. “It is very difficult to make homemade wine, there is no equipment like the enterprise does. After all, this is controlled temperature fermentation, and a sufficient number of tanks, and much more. But I want to note that some samples were surprising. Red wines are very well made, right now they were very surprised by liqueur and fortified white wines older than one year, several samples at the level of the directly Crimean liquor wine. There were also interesting Cahors, which, perhaps, were not made of a very typical variety, but pretty well, ”said Galina Polzikova, head of the tasting commission, deputy general director for quality of KVINT TVKZ CJSC. The best drink was chosen by tasting over 60 samples. As a result, Fedor Kosharka became the best wine maker in the nomination “Young Red Wines”, and Nikolay Osetyanov “Young White Wines”. The first place in the nomination “Red wines aged more than 1 year” went to Sergey Paleychuk, and Viktor Zhuyev got his prize barrel for the best “White wines aged more than 1 year”.


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