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... We are opening on May 21, 2020! ... ...

We are opening on May 21, 2020! ...
Dear residents of our Republic! From May 21, on the basis of the Decision of the operational headquarters, the Bendery fortress reopens its doors to visitors, that is, it goes into a regular mode of operation with a number of restrictions, namely:
Contact with employees of the complex only in a protective mask;
At the entrance to the citadel, shop and shooting range, the hands of visitors are disinfected;
In museums, a shop and a shooting gallery, no more than 5 visitors can be simultaneously present, all wearing protective masks;
Guided tours for groups of no more than 5 people.
In the open air, outdoors, it is possible to find visitors without protective masks.
The work schedule of the complex may be changed, i.e. the working day is extended towards the evening time. What will be additional.

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