On March 10, the final day of the Maslenitsa week was celebrated in a big way in the Bender y fortress.

Since ancient times, people believe that you can not be sad at Maslenitsa, otherwise the whole year will be problem. Therefore, having a good mood, thousands of local people and guests of the city came to Alexander Nevsky Park to spend the winter and meet spring with joy. Festive celebrations visited President Vadim Krasnoselsky with a family. As promised by the organizers, the Park was divided into several zones. And while some preferred to sing, dance and have fun at the main stage, where the creative teams of the city performed, others participated in competitions.

Thus, the sports area was divided into sections represented by different sports: football, volleyball, street streetball, table tennis, goalball, boxing. In addition, traditional Maslenitsa fist fights and wall to wall, as well as comic competitions - pillow fight were held.

"For all we have sweet prizes: pancakes and chocolates, we also give balls. People are actively involved, especially children and adolescents. Many participate several times in competitions to win more sweet prizes, " - said the Deputy head of the Department of physical culture of Bendery Marianna Panchenko.

Another area, which attracted the attention of children and their parents, belonged to the circus on this day. Everyone could try himself as a tightrope walker, climb a stilt, lift a bar or a scale weight, participate in a tug of war.  In General, any circus attribute could not just hold in your hands, and even come up with your number.

The desire tree took its place in the Park. Bright ribbons with wishes on the tree left hundreds walking in the Park. People believe that when this tree is burned according to tradition, their wishes will come true.  

"I knit several knots at once: for health, for happiness, for love. I believe that everything I wished for will come true, " the guest of Alexander Nevsky Park shared.

And what's a Maslenitsa without delicious food. The main symbol of the holiday – pancakes-was a huge number.

According to Slavic mythology pancakes symbolize the Sun, warming the earth after a cold winter. Treat yourself to this delicacy with different fillings could be improvised in an open-air cafe. In addition to pancakes , there were kebabs and other meat Goodies.

And, of course, the culmination of not only today, but the whole pancake week – burning effigies of winter. Everyone who came to the Park was looking forward to it.

The last point of the holiday was fire show. The fire lords demonstrated to the audience the ability to control the fire element, and then set fire to the effigy of Malenitsa. To the applause of local people and guests of the city it burned down in a few minutes, taking with it all the worries and problems of the past year. According to legend, a bright and lush fire was a harbinger of a successful year.

A gift and a surprise for all present was a salute.  The sky over the Bendery fortress was illuminated with dozens of colorful bursts.

According to the organizers, the beginning is laid. Seeing Maslenitsa was the first event that gave rise to the upcoming festivals. More than two dozen cultural events are planned for this spring, summer and autumn in the Alexander Nevsky Park.

According to the website materials Transnistria News

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