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... The Bendery Fortress will be restored ...

One of the main components of the European Union's Confidence Building Measures Program (EU CBM), funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP (2018-2020), is the support for the restoration of cultural and historical heritage sites. The Bendery Fortress complex is one of the priority objects for the Program. To date, the following work has been carried out. A preliminary analysis of the current state of the fortress structures with the assistance of experts from abroad experts was carried out.

Based on this analysis, the terms of reference were developed and an international competition was announced for a detailed technical examination of the buildings and structures of the Fortress and the development of a technical project for the first stage of the restoration of the most damaged elements.

The competition was won by the Italian company Berlucchi Studio, which began their work in September 2019; today it is the second visit of Italian experts who conduct detailed topographic, structural analysis using modern methods and technologies. The work of Berlucchi Studio will last until the end of 2019 - the result will be a full technical examination and a technical project based on this examination of the first stage of restoration / conservation;

The EU CBM program on the basis of this technical project will announce a tender for contracting a company that will be directly involved in the restoration / restoration / conservation of the fortress's facilities - deadlines - 2020-2011. In parallel with the above, the EU CBM Program has already covered / covers the costs of urgent conservation work and visitor safety work;

In the near future, a competition will be announced for the development of a plan for the entire Fortress complex, which will determine the sequence and priority of the next stages of restoration / restoration / conservation, and will also offer plans for the development of the fortress complex as an object of cultural and historical heritage for the coming decades. The total contribution from the EU is up to 2 million Euros.

The organizational and technical support of grant projects in the territory of Pridnestrovie is handled by the Coordinating Council for Technical and Humanitarian Assistance of Pridnestrovie.


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