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The Bendery Fortress is again the center of attraction for local residents and visitors. Those who gathered here on this Saturday evening repeat: “The meeting place cannot be changed” and together remember the famous Soviet poet, theater and film actor, songwriter, author of prose works and scripts Vladimir Vysotsky. Numerous fans of Vysotsky unanimously emphasize: it was an artist with a unique gift, his hoarse voice was called the voice of the last Soviet generation. He boldly exposed the society and lifestyle of his time. His life was tragically short - only 42 years. Even for this short period in his work, the artist managed to touch on the most sick, and often forbidden, but necessary and understandable to people topics. Vysotsky is relevant in the modern world, his many fans today retain their trust and boundless love for the heritage left by the creator. As an actor, Vladimir Vysotsky took part in the creation of three dozen feature and television films. Among them are the tapes “The owner of the taiga”, “Bad good man”, “The Tale of how Tsar Peter Arapa married”. Key roles in the films “The meeting place cannot be changed” and “Little tragedies” became significant for Vysotsky and brought particular popularity. The soul of the author also remained in his songs. 

Visitors to the festival of memory of Vysotsky plunged into it all headlong. By tradition, the organizers of the event tried to make this holiday special, providing it with original ideas and highlights. 

The territory of the citadel was divided into thematic locations. For example, today you can visit the "canteen of the USSR" - the restaurant "Astoria", featured in the film "The meeting place cannot be changed", here you can also get a master class in tango and foxtrot. At the photozone exhibition “Sail, the sail broke ...” - see the exposition of ship models. A tourist location “Only mountains can be better than mountains” with a tent and a bonfire is also open on the territory of the citadel. Guests were treated to ear and pilaf. Those who know Vysotsky note that these are two of his favorite dishes. He especially liked when food was cooked at the stake. 

The citadel designed the location “Vladimir. Interrupted flight. " It was performed in the style of a room of the 70s of the last century, posting here photographs from the personal album of Vladimir Vysotsky. In addition, they showed musical and literary compositions, read poetry and organized a viewing of documentaries with the participation of the bard. In the square tower of the citadel, a theatrical lounge worked, where they showed television performances with the participation of Vysotsky. 

The key action took place on the stage, where that evening artists from Bendery, Tiraspol, Dubossar, Dniester, as well as from Chisinau performed songs by Vladimir Vysotsky. The concert featured about 3 dozen well-known compositions. Among them - “On the big Karetny”, “Ships”, “The one who used to be with her”, “Sail”, “Dear transmission”, “I do not like”, “On mass graves”, “Only he didn’t return from battle "," The one who did not shoot "," Dialogue on the TV "," Charging "," Hunting for wolves ", etc. 

The event will be completed by showing the Russian film “Vysotsky. Thanks for being alive". This biopic, released in 2011, which tells of several dramatic days in the life of Vysotsky, was a resounding success with the audience. Its director was Peter Buslov, and the scriptwriter was the son of Vladimir Vysotsky Nikita. 

The next festival in the Bendery Fortress - "In the folk traditions of the Pridnestrovian region" - will be held on June 29. He will be dedicated to folk art.

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