Today events on improvement have been carried out in all settlements of Pridnestrovie. Representatives of all authorities and state structures, collectives of enterprises and organizations tooke part  in the Republican clean-up. About 500 people worked on the territory of the historical military memorial complex "Bender fortress". Together with the Head of state, the leadership and staff of the presidential Administration, members of the Government of the PMR, members of Parliament and staff of the executive authority and the Supreme Council, the pupils of the Republican cadet corps, Tiraspol Suvorov military school and the cadets of the Tiraspol  Law Institute of the PMR Ministry of internal Affairs n. a. Kutuzov worked here. Ambassador special and authority of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Moldova Farit Mukhametshin also contributed to the improvement of the historic site.

Participants of the litter pick have done a significant amount of various events on improvement and bringing in the proper form of the territory of the historical object. A significant component of the mass event was the planting of trees. "Each of you is doing a good job today. And after a while, coming to the Park with their families, friends and relatives for recreation or sports, you will know that there is a piece of your work", – said, referring to the participants of the clean-up, Vadim Krasnoselsky. He said that the firs, oaks, maples, lindens and birches planted today – a total of about 250 trees – are part of the future of the Alexander Nevsky Park. About the same number of deciduous and coniferous plants were planted before the clean-up. All of them are grown in nurseries of Pridnestrovie. Works on gardening will be continued.

The President reminded that in the future it is planned to arrange a recreation area for residents of the Republic and tourists on the territory of the Bender fortress. There will be a hotel and restaurant complex, venues for cultural events and sports, exhibition space. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed hope that soon the new complex will become a tourist center not only Bender, but the whole of Pridnestrovie. Participation in today's litter pick Vadim Krasnoselsky called a significant contribution to the improvement of each native land and the preservation of historical heritage.

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