A large-scale cultural and entertainment program "Russian evening party", has held today in the Bender fortress, was timed to the Day of Russia. Support for its implementation was provided by the Administration Of the President of PMR, the Ministry of internal Affairs in Pridnestrovie, the state administration of Bender. The main project was organized by GUP IWMC "Bendery fortress", Cycling club "Ride" a motorcycle club "the Vikings", the clubs "Crossing" and "Mercedes".

The start of the event was given to them on the square of Alexander Suvorov in Tiraspol, where he started bike-, auto- race. To participate in it invited everyone aged 16 years and older. In an interview to IA "news of Pridnestrovie" the administrator of the car "Mercedes" Igor Bogdanov has informed that participated in the rally about 45 machines.

"We are holding such a large-scale rally for the first time. Last year, we attracted only motorists to participate in it, this year our ranks were joined by bikers and cyclists," Igor Bogdanov said.

Bike-, auto-column  gathered up to 600 people, and the trip length was 12 km, said the head of the Cycling club "Rides" Igor Krizhanovsky.

"The length of the distance is not chosen by chance. We tried to make it suitable including for beginners, while participation in the race was interesting and experienced cyclists, - he said. - We consider ourselves a part of Russia, it provides invaluable support and assistance to Pidnestoivie. Through our action, we wanted to demonstrate our unity and our gratitude to the Russian Federation."

Among the participants of the bike ride was interior Minister Ruslan Mova. In an interview with journalists, he recalled that participating in such events is not the first time, and the question of whether to go this time, did not even stand – it is a good tradition.

Finished the column of bike-, auto- column  at the Bendery fortress (Citadel) on the part of checkpoint N3.

The main events of the" Russian evening " continued in the Bender fortress. From the memorial square of Munchausen began a tour of the citadel. Then the audience, and it should be noted that on this day there were a lot of them (according to
preliminary estimates – from 2 to 3 thousand people), had the opportunity to become spectators of medieval knight battles, as well as to get acquainted with the armor and weapons of knights, which were presented at the exhibition that unfolded here.

The program itself was prepared by the Russian martial art Center "Ristal". In addition, the guests of the festival were also expected to trade shops with the products of artisans presented to them. Children were entertained by animators, fans of modern technology could experience the possibilities of modern 3D-simulators.

"We have always remained and felt part of the Russian world, the main idea of which is the equality of peoples, their right to develop and live in peace and harmony. Being in Bendery fortress, you remember that not once the Russian soldier-liberator was the defender and rebuffed invaders and aggressors. We will never forget the role that Russia played in ending the war of ' 92. Today, the peacemaker soldier is a stronghold of stability and security in the Republic. We have a common past, present and, I am sure, there will be a common future. Long live Great Russia!"- said addressing the audience in the Bender fortress, adviser to the President of PMR Pavel Prokudin. 

The performance of the vocal and instrumental ensemble "Dniester" and the orchestra continued the program of the festival. Fire point was put in the and of the event with a fire show and fireworks, painted "Russian evening party" multicolored, bright and colorful flashes of light.

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