The event for the students of Suvorov school and cadets was held under the patronage of the President.

On the eve of the New Year for the students of Suvorov school and cadets was held a real ball. The event is held for the second time under the patronage of the President.

The ball becomes a good tradition and at the same time it never stops to amaze both the participants and the audience with its immensity. Last year couples had to waltz in the hall of the Palace of the Republic, and today the doors of a real ballroom on the territory of Bendery fortress were opened for the students of Suvorov school, cadets and their faithful companions.

To organize the event a team of ballet masters was assembled at the State Service of Culture and Historical Heritage. At joint rehearsals, first the participants of the ball taught choreographic drawings, and after mastering the skills they put the choreograph. By the way, students of medical and pedagogical colleges made up a pair for boys, as well as senior pupils of the capital schools.

More than 30 couples appeared on the dance floor this year - in the event took part more than 150 young men and women.

Te future officers were preparing for the New Year holiday and for the ball for a long and hard. Behind are dozens of rehearsals of dance steps, legs worn out in blood and even dead nerve cells. The waltz, admitted young men, is given to them more difficult than any power trainings within the walls of their native educational institution. But young girls like ballroom dancing, dresses and even hairstyles, because the invitation to the event is considered to be honorable.

In a large and bright room, even before the start of the ball, the atmosphere of high society reigned. And from the first minute of the beginning of the long-awaited holiday, all the guests seemed to be transported back in time. However, before the start of fun and dizzying dances - the farewell speech of the President.

“The tradition of holding balls was laid in ancient times by Peter I. It was revived in Transnistria. And this is right, as it emphasizes the continuity of generations and forms the interest of young people in traditions and culture. I have already said that we should make Transnistria attractive to young people. Today there are mainly young people in this hall - those who will live and develop the republic. Good luck to them”- the President noted.

The ball started with a waltz, and not one: the gentlemen and their companions circled under the compositions of Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky and Strauss. Vadim Krasnoselsky invited his wife to dance.

New Year ball visited the Russian Empress Catherine II and the Count Alexander Suvorov. The main winter heroes - Father Frost and Snow Maiden also visited the ball. At the end of the evening, the future officers and their ladies were invited to taste sweets on behalf of the head of state. In the end of the ball participants took general photo for memory. Participants of the event took warm memories with them and kept in their hearts.

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