For the second consecutive year, the Bendery Fortress became the center of cultural communication. The expedition of classical music La La Play once again presented to the residents of the republic the opportunity to touch the beautiful. 12 young musicians performed not only classical music and jazz, but also popular songs, as well as soundtracks for famous films.

Music for everyone

The purpose of the festival La La Play - to play music where it has not yet sounded. For example, recently artists of the Moldavian youth orchestra performed on the football field. However, the Bender fortress was an exception.

“I felt a really strong connection with the hall. - said the head of the Moldavian National Youth Orchestra Andriano Marian.

The orchestra was created 8 years ago. The artists managed to give about 200 concerts in Moldova, Ukraine, Romania. Last year, young musicians attended a major festival in Berlin. "Today, music should be available to the general public." We will listen to Mozart, Bach. Here, in Bender, each song is taken wholeheartedly. We are very pleased, ”said composer Marian Ungur.

The performance of the orchestra was preceded by music from four trombonists from Chisinau. Quartet Black & Gold performed

Ray Charles' famous song “Georgia in my thoughts”, contemporary hits from Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk. Artists of the youth orchestra. Antonio Dvorak, Bella Bartok, lead singer Lia Rusu performed Nina Simone's famous song “I Feel Good”. Latin concert motive set the song "Besame Mucho". The covers of the songs of Beyonce and The Black Eyed Peas further warmed up in the hall, so many festival guests were attracted to the beat of the music.

The concert was finished withthe famous music from the TV series “Game of Thrones” by composer Rammin Javadi.

Correspondent of the News of Transnistria news agency.

The concert in the citadel was attended by representatives of the state. Advisor to the President of the PMR on the preservation of cultural heritage Pavel Prokudin declares that such festivals in the fortress will be held regularly.

"We want this to be a standoff."

We want this placeto be  a center of mutual understanding and culture. We want our friends to be ancient, ”said Pavel Prokudin. The conditions for comfortable rest are created for this: parking lots have already been set up, the Alexander Nevsky Park will open soon, and a restaurant and hotel complex is under construction.

 Yesterday's festival was held with the support of the European Union and the United Nations Development Program. The EU project manager in Moldova, Fabien Schäfer, told reporters in an interview that such events provide an opportunity for people, despite their concerns, to meet and admire the beautiful.

“We were very pleased to be the result of this project. We see that our efforts give good results, and we hope that in the future we will support other, more numerous festivals, ”said Fabien Schäfer.

Surprise for the guests was the fireworks at the end of the festival.

Bender, August 20th. News of Transnistria.

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