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Bendery, May 12. The final chord of Victory Day, a holiday that can be called the most popular in Pridnestrovie, was a large festival of brass bands. He brought together about 300 musicians from all over the republic, who performed compositions that were loved by many and were dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. On Sunday, in the Alexander Nevsky park, in the Bendery Fortress, hundreds of Pridnestrovians who came from different towns specifically for the Music of Victory. That is what the festival was called, which became a kind of epilogue for a wide range of events dedicated to May 9th. The correspondent of News of Pridnestrovie, who attended the concert, thematic exhibitions, photo zones and parade ground, assures that there were a lot of interesting things. 

The theme of the Great Patriotic War became the basis of the concept of the festival. The guests arrived long before the concert, but already found themselves in a special atmosphere, referring to the era of the 40s. Young people in the military tunics of the Red Army walked in the park. With a military bearing, they led the arm of a girl dressed in fashion of the mid-20th century. This created the effect of presence: the girls seemed to meet lovers who returned from the war. 

The prologue of the concert was the parade ground of all its participants: musical groups, accompanied by their own accompaniment, passed by the bust of Alexander Nevsky and gathered in the center of the park of the same name, where the silent drill team of PMR was already waiting for them. 

The PMR the silent drill team of PMR is the most popular unit among draftees. To serve here is honorable and prestigious, she speaks at all significant government events. The guard of honor embodies the art of discipline and the technique of coordinated action of soldiers. In all smart armies, starting with the Greek phalanx, victory on the battlefield depended on this. The best servicemen fall into the guard of honor; it is no coincidence that this unit is considered to be elite. Today she also demonstrated her art. 

By the way, this is the only unit in the world that, performing special elements, works with Kalashnikov's combat assault rifles with a bayonet attached. 

The concert was opened by a large combined festival orchestra under the direction of Colonel Vitaly Voinov. Among the compositions, he played “We Need One Victory,” written by Okudzhava for the film “Belarus Train Station”. “Our tenth landing battalion!”, - many spectators sang along. 

“I was traveling from Berlin ...”, “Immortal Regiment”, “I am a soldier of my land”, “From the heroes of bygone days” - this is just a small part of the compositions included in the repertoire of today's “Music of Victory”. Festival guests enjoyed the general atmosphere. They sat on or near the stage on the lawns. 

Walking through the park, you could find a live photo zone. It was organized by young men and women from the “Avos” folk youth theater and the Little Country children's exemplary theater. In the form of Red Army soldiers of the Great Patriotic era, they sang songs of the war years. At this moment, they could be photographed with them for memory and sing together.

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