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The historical complex "Bender fortress" is located in the city of Bender, in the second largest city of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. In the Romanian-language versions of maps and booklets sometimes used the old name of the city-Tigina (Tighina).  The fortress is located on the transit road connecting the city of Tiraspol and the city of Chisinau.  From Chisinau to the fortress is easily accessible by constantly run buses and taxis, following the routes "Chisinau-Tiraspol, "Chisinau-Bender", "Chisinau-Odessa". Stop-Monument Of Russian Glory "Eagle". Since October 8, 2018, the entrance to the memorial is located on the side of the main "Tsargrad" gate, through these gates you can go to the Park of A. Nevsky, it is completely free. There's also free Parking, rolledrom, playgrounds. The paid zone begins at the entrance to the citadel of the fortress, where the box office is located near the Watchtower. Also, if you want to visit it, you will need to pay for the entrance to the newly opened exhibition hall, where various exhibitions work on a permanent basis. You can learn about these exhibitions on our website in the section "Services". The old entrance to the fortress, which is located next to the entrance to the plant "SAARM" (Bender car Assembly plant) - checkpoint number 3 is currently closed to tourists and is used as a technical entrance. From Tiraspol to Bendery fortress you can go by bus number 20, as well as trolleybuses number 19 and 19 A, which arrive at the stop near the shopping center "elit", where the Main entrance is easily reached by foot. The second stop of these trolleybuses is Bender market, from there to the fortress run taxis № 10, etc., as well as trolleybuses № 1, 5. You can stop at the entrance to the fortress, at the box office you can pay in rubles PMR, lei Republic of Moldova, Euros, US dollars and hryvnia of Ukraine. Possible payment by QR code (rubles PMR). Paying by cards is impossible now.

Due to the fact that navigators from Google and Yandex, both in cars and in phones (tablets), the path to the Bendery fortress is laid through the closed checkpoint No. 3 (the rear gate is the old entrance), when laying the route, the end point must be hammered "Church A. Nevsky ", near which there is a large parking lot. 

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