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The next festival gathered those wishing to have a good time in the Bendery Fortress again. This time, retro hits by both domestic performers and foreign pop stars sounded for the guests.

The entertainment program was prepared not only for adults. For younger guests, they organized a master class in drawing, face art "studio". And anyone could take part in the children's karaoke contest. This location had a whole line of guys eager to sing “The Little Red Riding Hood” or “A Grasshopper Was Sitting in the Grass”.

The theme of the festival is related to retro music, which, in turn, was released on records. In the Alexander Nevsky park an exhibition of rare gramophone, radio and musical instruments were organized. In addition to the players, there were also music records in the pavilion of the record company Melody, which produced and distributed hits from all the stars of the Soviet stage and some foreign performers. Anyone could come up and, choosing a record, listen to the song on the player.

In the Alexander Nevsky park, a creative zone was formed. The guys from the Bender Art School demonstrated their talents by painting right in front of passers-by. All of their work was related to music. By the way, besides this, whoever wanted to could get his portrait, which was drawn literally in 10-15 minutes.

The festival ended with a bright fiery show, after which the audience, glowing with energy, continued to "anneal" on the dance floor under the tracks familiar to everyone.

Despite the fact that summer has already ended and the street has become cooler, festivals in the Bendery fortress continue. Mass festivities will be held there by the City Day, and on October 12, a festival of wine and winemaking is planned.

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