The official part of today's holiday in Bendery Fortress, dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the start of the peacekeeping operation on the banks of the Dniester, continued with the presentation of President Vadim Krasnoselski to the most distinguished soldiers of the Pridnestrovian and Russian contingents of the medals "For Merits in the Peacekeeping Operation" and "Participant in the Peacekeeping Operation in Pridnestrovie." The next military rank of Major General was awarded to Deputy Minister of Defense for Peacekeeping Pavel Mikhailov.

The main stages of the peacekeeping mission in the zone of the Moldova-Pridnestrovian conflict was briefly recalled by the Co-Chairman of the Joint Control Commission (note: JCC is the body leading the peacekeeping operation) from Pridnestrovie Oleg Belyakov. In particular, he noted that the prologue to the deployment of peacekeepers was an agreement signed on July 21, 1992 in Moscow on the initiative of Russia, on the basic principles for resolving the conflict. After that, the JCC was created on July 27. On the same day, peacekeeping units began to be introduced into the Security Zone designated by the commission. Russian paratroopers were the first to enter there.

“I ensured the safety of entering peacekeeping forces on the bridge over the Dniester. I saw Pridnestrovians, with tears in their eyes, with great gratitude greeted the peacekeeping soldiers as liberators. Further events clearly showed that that mechanism, which allowed the conflicting parties to sit down at the negotiating table under the guarantees of the Russian Federation, secured peace on that land,” the head of the Pridnestrovian delegation to the JCC emphasized.

Oleg Belyakov also reminded that in 1998 Ukraine had joined the tripartite peacekeeping operation, sending military observers to the Dniester, and since 2004 representatives of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) had been taking part in the JCC.

“The interaction of local authorities, law enforcement officers and the population with peacekeepers allows us to ensure peace on this earth. Hundreds of weapons seized, a large amount of ammunition, neutralized minefields - all this is the result of a peacekeeping operation, - the JCC co-chair stated. “Over all these 27 years, situations have arisen that could lead to another outbreak of conflict, but the peacekeeping soldiers and the Joint Control Commission did everything to prevent this from happening.”

On behalf of all the Bendery, the head of Bendery State Administration Roman Ivanchenko addressed the peacekeepers with words of gratitude.

“You make the city residents look confidently into the future, raise their children, work peacefully and just enjoy life,” the Bendery mayor said at the rally.

Galina Antyufeeva, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, continued the same idea in her speech. “While you are here, peace is secured,” the vice-speaker of parliament summed up.

The official part of the celebration of the Peacemaker's Day in Bendery Fortress ended with a solemn march of ceremonial calculations of the Russian and Pridnestrovian contingents, as well as soldiers of the company of the Guard of Honor of the PMR Ministry of Defense. They also began an informal program with a defile on an improvised parade ground near the Alexander Nevsky Church. The baton from the silent drill platoon in demonstration performances was taken over by the fighters of the Pridnestrovian army special forces. Moreover, their hand-to-hand fighting skills, as well as the possession of firearms and cold arms, were shown by the warriors of this year’s draft.

The Russian military personnel demonstrated the ability to act in non-standard situations that could hypothetically arise at peacekeeping posts. An exhibition of samples of armored vehicles, as well as anti-tank and firearms, which Russian and Pridnestrovian contingents from the Joint Peacekeeping Forces are equipped with, were held near the place where the demonstrations took place. A concert was held a little distance away, and field kitchens were installed right at the entrance to the territory of the Bendery fortress. In previous years, all this served as a holiday entourage at the location of the Joint Staff of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces.

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