The season of festivals in the Historical and cultural complex «Bendery Fortress» continued in retro style. Alexander Nevsky Park transferred several thousands people back to the eighties, the reporter of «Novosti Pridnestrovya» tells. He visited «A party of subcultures», an exhibition of retro cars, «Olympic Games-80» and a concert.

«New romantics», hip-hoppers, Soviet «casual» and girls with make-up in a freestyle - almost all representatives of a youth palette of the 1980th appeared in the Bendery Fortress. People gathered at once behind an earth shaft so everyone who went to a retro festival this evening became a part of «eighties society» as soon as the crossed gate of the Alexander Nevsky's Park. 

Guests of the festival looked creatively. Many of them tried on urban styles – from informal and youth, accepted on so-called «sessions», to official and daily, obtained from «Burda modern». So it was truly the style of the eighties!

The atmosphere was formed also by installations of phonograph records of musicians who were popular in eighties. 

It is necessary to tell separately about photo zones, exhibitions and a master class. «Bendery windows» is an interior reconstruction of the ordinary in eighties city one-room apartment. Of course, the reconstruction is very exaggerated, but very close to the original. A dressing table, a carpet on a wall and the sewing machine – today they are cause of nostalgia.   

The team of drummers from the Bendery school No. 15 reminded a delightful era of pioneer summer camps. The USSR was the most reading country. It was possible to take away any book from a Book Bazaar. The author looked for the self-published book «Master and Margarita», but, probably, people carried it away too quickly. Near the exhibition hall, it was played «The song of the year». There also took place the competition on the best look of the 80th. Even men participated.

All this time on the main stage there was a concert. The Pridnestrovian musical bands, such as «Remix», «Elaine and Children», «Sierra» and others performed hits of the 80th. Of course, Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, ABBA sounded as well. It was really great when girls from «Rondo» band performed the song «Hit the road Jack» at sunset. Imperceptibly the concert passed into a disco, and by the time there was no free spece on the square in front of the main scene. Guests of all generations were united by the music of the eighties which still does not leave club dance floors.

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