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The first festival of 2020 in the Alexander Nevsky park in the Bendery fortress combined two reasons at once, which is reflected in his title “Goodbye, Maslenitsa! Hello, Martisor” This is due to the fact that this year the two holidays coincided on the same day.

All guests of the event were welcomed with pancakes. One of the main symbols of Maslenitsa festival could be found throughout the park. Pancakes were cooked very different: with jam, condensed milk, meat and other fillings.

The Bendery Trade and Technological College organized a platform where everyone could show their culinary talents and cook pancakes. In addition, a big cake was baked for all the guests of the holiday. The basis was, of course, the pancakes.

In the park, everyone could find the entertainment to their liking. On interactive platforms, children competed for speed in various competitions, painted figures of nested dolls, caps and birdhouses. Walking around the fortress, from the Pancake zone, through the gates of happiness, one could move to the Martisor site. Instead of pancakes, they offered pincers and kebabs.

In addition, the Moldavian flavor was created by musicians who played national instruments. The park was also decorated with thematic photo zones. The festival continued with a concert featuring local creative collectives. They performed folk Russian and Moldavian songs. And dance groups gave all guests a variety of choreographic compositions. The end of the holiday was undeniably fiery. For all guests, the organizers have prepared a fire show. And at the end of the festival, according to the tradition of Shrovetide celebrations, a scarecrow was burned, which symbolizes winter. According to legend, it is believed that when the last straw dies, spring takes over.

Recall: a total of 17 festivals are planned for this year in the park named after Alexander Nevsky. This year, the audience is already looking forward to events: this is a large-scale project “The Sword of Genoa”, the festival of folk art “In the folk traditions of the Transnistrian region”, a festival of retro music and more.

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