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... “Plai” fest in the Bendery Fortress ...

A large-scale music festival “Plai” was held in the Bendery Fortress. It was the final holiday of this year in the citadel of the historical complex. Eurovision participants Pasha Parfeni, Lydia Isak, Alyona Moon, the SunStrokeProject team, as well as local stars, the band named ‘Sailing-ship’ performed here.

The first in a musical kaleidoscope was the Moldavian singer, participant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, Alena Moon. In addition to foreign and Moldavian hits, the girl performed songs in Russian. One of them is the famous composition of the IOWA singer “Smile”, which was liked by all the guests of the fortress. The audience was even more delighted with the song “Barbara Streisand” - everyone sang and danced.

The debutants of the festival, the Sailing-ship from Chobruchi, were next on the stage. The artists themselves said that musical gifts were chosen so that everyone would light under them. And so it happened: under the Moldavian motifs of the “Sailboat”, the legs themselves danced. Even the lyric composition of Viktor Tsoi “Anthill” they turned into a dance.

The incendiary mood was supported by the Russian and Moldavian singer Lydia Isak. She participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. The artist conquered the audience with her melodious voice, which man wants to listen again and again. Today, Lydia Isak performed famous foreign compositions. One of them is No Roots from the repertoire of German singer Alice Merton.

The audience warmly welcomed another Eurovision participant - the SunStrokeProject band. Musicians at the competition performed in 2017 and took third place. As a gift for all guests of the fortress, the artists performed their bronze hit Hey, Mamma !, as well as this year's new song called “Mango” and other songs.

At the end of the music festival, Pasha Parfeni performed songs in Moldovan. He is not only a participant in Eurovision, but also the main organizer of the entire Play festival. Pasha Parfeni noted that the Bendery Fortress is great for holding such great musical events. According to him, “Play” will definitely return here.

Despite the cool weather, a large number of people attended the festival. The fact that incendiary dance music and bright vocals of performers penetrated deep into the soul of almost everyone was clear from the smiles of the audience.


The concert was organized with the support of the European Union, as part of the EU's Confidence Building Measures Program, implemented by UNDP.

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