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In the citadel of the Bendery Fortress, the festival of historical combat “Sword of Genoa” ended. As News of Pridnestrovie has already reported, the event was launched yesterday. On this day, spectators were expected to have master classes in craftwork and thematic zones. Everyone could try on knightly armor, shoot from a crossbow and ride a horse. Artists of the Ukrainian rock band “Empire”, who performed songs from the repertoire of the groups “Aria”, Scorpions and Queen, made the holiday as atmospheric as possible, giving everyone the opportunity to go back to the Middle Ages. A Bright, colorful dot on the first day of the “Sword of Genoa” put a salute. The second day of the festival was no less eventful. Spectators and spectacular jousting tournaments again awaited the audience today. Note that the equipment of their participants was made in strict accordance with the requirements of that time, being essentially copies of the originals. “Knights of Central and Eastern Europe were represented mainly. Each of the participants in the clubs personified a certain era and region. Maximum compliance with the era is one of the main conditions for participation in the tournament, ”emphasized Alexander Bulgakov, the chief specialist of the archive-historical department of the Bendery Fortress. There was truly something to see. In two days, the Sword of Genoa played about fifty fighters in armor from historical fencing clubs from Pridnestrovie (Phoenix, Tiraspol), Moldova (Boyard, Chisinau) and Ukraine (Ritter, Kharkov). It was possible to watch the spectacle in the stands around the hedge. Climbing to the observation deck on the walls of the citadel, the audience estimated the scale of what was happening from above.

Note that the festival was divided into several categories, including women's fights. And I must say that the weaker sex was not at all weak. One of the participants in the fights, Maria Megis from the Phoenix club in Tiraspol, admits that knightly fights are exciting and very interesting, but still not easy. “We need to overcome our weaknesses, knightly fights - this is a kind of test of strength. For many years I just watched the tournaments, then I started to practice. In Tiraspol, I am one knight girl, and this imposes a special responsibility, you need to work hard and try to keep up with the men, ”said Maria.

Today's fights were held in a number of nominations. Among them are Shield-Sword and Buckler-Sword. Professionals also entered the lists. Then the knights converged on the 5 by 5 wall. Among those who claimed victory was Alexander Shcherbakov, representative of the capital's Phoenix club. In an interview with reporters, he explained that the "round buckler" is a small round shield. During fights, the knight uses it in tandem with the sword. “The battle in the corresponding nomination“ Buckler-Sword ”goes up to 10 points and is not limited in time. For the first time, I and our club representatives are speaking in this category, and for the first time I rate our achievements very well. Knightly fights are a hobby for me. I have already given these lessons for almost 10 years, ”said Alexander. 

Between the battles in the lists, many reinforced the forces in the outcrops of the remote trade. In addition, thematic zones worked on the territory of the fortress today, and craft workshops took place. One could even try on knightly armor, shoot from a crossbow and ride a horse. The festival of medieval historical battle “Sword of Genoa” ended with an award ceremony. 

Bender, July 21. News of Pridnestrovie.




Link to the photo http://www.bendery-fortress.com/photos/festival-mech-genui?page=all



Nomination "Shield-Sword"

1st place - Vasilinich Alexander (club "OHMH", Odessa)

2nd place - Artem Semenenko (club "Luxembourg", Odessa)

3rd place - Shostak Stepan (club "Ritter", Kharkov)

Nomination "Buckler-Sword"

1st place - Pushai Andrey (club "Ritter", Kharkov)

2nd place - Shostak Stepan (club "Ritter", Kharkov)

3rd place - Voronko Alexey (club "Luxembourg", Odessa)

Nomination "Shield-Sword". Premier League

1st place - Alexander Shcherbakov (Phoenix, Tiraspol)

2nd place - Alexey Suslikov (club "Luxembourg", Odessa)

3rd place - Voronko Alexey (club "Luxembourg", Odessa)

Nomination "Sword-Shield. Women"

1st place - Julia Roshchak (Tangar club, Odessa)

2nd place - Kishtaari Lina (club "KFK", Kiev)

3rd place - Kravchenko Alina (Kiev)

Nomination "Buckler-Sword. Women"

1st place - Sokolskikh Alexandra (Tangar club, Odessa)

Nomination "Professional Fights. Average Weight"

1st place - Anatoly Yushan (Bayard, Chisinau club)

2nd place - Kostenko Vladislav (club "Ritter", Kharkov)

3rd place - Kopa Aleksey (Bayard, Chisinau club)

Nomination "Professional Fights, Heavyweight"

1st place - Tyutyunnik Ivan (Club "Portal", Donetsk)

2nd place - Vasilinich Alexander (club "OHMH", Odessa)

Nomination "Professional Fights. Women"

1st place - Julia Roshchak (Tangar club, Odessa)

2nd place - Kravchenko Alina (Kiev)

3rd place – Kishtaari Lina (club "KFK", Kiev)

Nomination “3 to 3”

1st place - club team “Bayard”

2nd place – “the Naked Mummy” team

3rd place - the club team "Luxembourg"

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